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Bowling Tournament

May 2-3, 2014


Golf Tournament

July 18-19, 2014


Hungarian Heritage Experience

Aug 3-9, 2014


Fraternal Picnic

September 6, 2014

Join Hands Day





William Penn Association

The William Penn Association is a Fraternal Benefit Society founded over 120 years ago. Our Association operates on a non-profit basis, providing Life Insurance and Annuities to our members.

We are dedicated to a four-part mission:

Offering the best life insurance and annuity plans available at the lowest possible cost;

Providing courteous, efficient and thorough service to our members;

Conducting fraternal and charitable activities for the benefit of our members and the communities in which they live; and

Promoting Hungarian ethnic cultural heritage.



Our History

The William Penn Association was founded on February 21, 1886 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, by thirteen Hungarian coal miners. It was chartered by the State of Pennsylvania in December of that same year under the name “Verhovay Aid Association.” The goal of the founders was to extend a helping hand to each other and to the many Hungarian immigrants who worked and suffered in the mines and industrial centers of America at a period in its history when insurance of any sort was still in the far away future.



The William Penn Life

Our official publication, William Penn Life, remains the most informative means of direct contact between the Home Office and our members. Despite its success in achieving this mission, the official publication needs to continually evolve in order to reflect the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of our members, to maintain reader interest, and to remain an effective communication tool.



Fraternal Activities

There are three kinds of Life Insurance Companies; Fraternal, Stock and Mutual. Of the three, Fraternals are the oldest in form. Fraternals provide members fellowship and sociality in addition to financial benefits. Fraternal Benefit Societies perform charitable, educational, patriotic and sometimes religious works for the benefit of mankind. Our main fraternal activities are our Annual Golf Tournament and Annual WPA Picnic, both of which benefit the William Penn Fraternal Association Scholarship Foundation, Inc.




Scenic View

Whether you have just finished a long day on the slopes or a long week at the office, Scenic View is the perfect place to relax. Here, you won't find the crowds, noise or high prices that you would find at a typical resort. All you will find here is your own private cabin or lodge waiting for you, your family and your friends.



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We are licensed in the following states: CA, CT, DC, FL, IL, IN, KY, MD, MA, MI, MO, NE, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, VA, WV, and WI.

Permanent Life Insurance Contracts

Ordinary Life - Issue Ages 0-95

Ordinary Life Seniors Special - Issue Ages 56-90

Single Premium Whole Life - Issue Ages 0-95

20 Pay Life - Issue Ages 0-95

Life Paid Up At Age 65 - Issue Ages 0-60

Almost Guaranteed Issue Special - Issue Ages 21-55


Annuity Plans

Penn "Preferred" 9-Year Withdrawal Charge

Penn "High Five" 5-Year Withdrawal Charge

Please Note: All Annuities may be subject
to IRS penalties for early withdrawal.

Term Life Insurance Contracts

Single Premium Juvenile Term - Special - Issue Ages 0-21

Annual Premium Juvenile Term - Special - Issue Ages 0-21

Young Adult Level Term - Issue Ages 20-40

Yearly Renewable Term - Issue Ages 16-70

10 Year Renewable & Convertible Term - Issue Ages 16-65

10-20-30 Year Level Term - Issue Ages 20-70


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my Certificate (Policy)?

How do I change my Beneficiary?

What should I do if I move?

How do I change my Name on my policy?

For a full FAQ list click here.

Downloadable Forms

Request for Change in Insurance Contract - This form has various sections. By downloading this from you can change your address, name, beneficiary, premium mode, and dividend options.

Branch Membership Transfer - The name of this form speaks for itself. This form gives you the ability to switch to a new branch.

Contract Service Request - This form has various uses, including withdrawal from non-qualified annuities, cash surrenders, assignment of ownership, request duplicate contract, and a miscellaneous section.

Electronic Transfer (Premium Payments) - By filling out this form you can automatically have your premium payments taken from a bank account.

Recommender Form - You can earn cash rewards when you refer new members to the WPA.

Other Information

Board of Directors

National Officers

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Member Benefits

William Penn Association Foundation, Inc.

William Penn Fraternal Association Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

William Penn Life Magazine


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