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Fraternal Activities

There are three kinds of Life Insurance Companies; Fraternal, Stock and Mutual. Of the three, Fraternals are the oldest in form. Fraternals provide members fellowship and sociality in addition to financial benefits. Fraternal Benefit Societies perform charitable, educational, patriotic and sometimes religious works for the benefit of mankind. Our main fraternal activities are our Annual Golf Tournament and Annual WPA Picnic, both of which benefit the William Penn Fraternal Association Scholarship Foundation, Inc.




Join Hands Day

On the first Saturday in May, fraternalists and non-fraternalists alike come together for Join Hands Day to make a difference in their communities through helpful projects that connect youths and adults.

Join Hands Day gives fraternal benefit societies and volunteer organizations the opportunity to reach out to people they donít know, to connect generations and to develop new relationships.

Join Hands Day is open to everyone! Fraternal benefit societies clubs, lodges, groups, congregations, businesses and individuals are encouraged to participate.


Branch Christmas Parties

Along with our other activities, the Branch Christmas Parties have proven to be an excellent channel for getting our members together for social and fraternal fun. The Home Office provides invitations, carol books and financial assistance. The branches provide entertainment, refreshments and gifts.

Flickr Photos

Shown below are 5 random photos from our gallery on Flickr. We try to take photos at our events whenever possible. We will constantly be updating, so make sure to keep checking back. We have all of the photos in sets and collections to try and make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Visit our Flickr Gallery.




Golf Tournament

The Annual Golf Tournament is one of the most eagerly anticipated fraternal events sponsored each year by the Association. The casual atmosphere, fraternal fellowship and friendly competition makes it a highly enjoyable mid-summer gathering.

Adding to the fun each year is the putting contest held during the pre-tournament reception, the hole-in-one contest(s) for cash held during tournament play, and the auction raffle held during the golf awards banquet.

The tournamentís biggest winner each year is the William Penn Fraternal Association Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Thousands of dollars are raised during each tournament through the putting contests, hole sponsorships, Chinese Auction and raffle.


30th Annual Golf Tournament
July 19-20, 2013 - Quicksilver Golf Course - Midway, PA


Fraternal Picnic

The Annual Picnic is one of the Association's newest, fastest growing fraternal events. Hundreds, and even thousands, of our members and guests from across the country gather for a day of fraternal fellowship at Penn Scenic View in Rockwood, PA.

Our first picnic was held on September 13, 2001 and has been an annual event since then. The success of this event has made this a fraternal gathering that all members, both juvenile and adult, and their guests can enjoy. This activity could not be a success without the dedicated volunteers who plan and prepare for this event. Our appreciation goes to these devoted members.


13th Annual Fraternal Picnic
September 7, 2013 - Scenic View - Rockwood, PA


Hungarian Heritage Experience

As part of our commitment to promoting our Hungarian heritage, the Association sponsors a week-long Hungarian Language Camp each summer at Scenic View. The camps are open to all adult life-benefit members. Each camp offers language instruction on two levels, beginner and intermediate, and is limited to a total of 25 students.

This program continues to be successful because it offers more than just extensive language instruction. Students learn about Hungarian history, geography, culture and society. They also participate in nightly social activities at which they can practice their new language skills in a relaxed, conversational setting. The continuation of intensive learning, interesting topics and informal atmosphere leaves many students eager to learn more about the Hungarian language and culture.


22nd Hungarian Heritage Experience
August 4-10, 2013 - Scenic View - Rockwood, PA


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