I was born and grew up in Oxford, North Carolina; attended University of North Carolina briefly before graduating with a degree from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. I enjoyed a successful illustration career of 31 years before attempting to become a full-time historical painter. I suppose I was ready to choose my own subject matter; to paint something that wasn't an art director's idea to help sell a product. I had really enjoyed working with the book division of The National Geographic Society, where I learned their belief in going the extra mile to be sure, through research, that the art work is as correct as possible — that it will stand the test of time. I liked that maybe my art could have more meaning than it had all those years in advertising.

Since I live in Western Pennsylvania, how could I not be enthusiastic about the aura radiating from the rocks and rivers that witnessed the 21 year old George Washington, his scout and interpreters, and the natives that stalked them. Right here in my backyard, so to speak, so much has happened that influenced the course of a developing America of the 18th century. How could I not want to paint it? In 1994, I began.

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