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"A Fearful Noise"

In the winter of 1754, no man traveled the outland frontier without accompaniment. Hostilities between the English and French were becoming fierce over this piece of Iroquois hunting ground. Captain Trent has been sent by the Governor of Virginia (for this territory was then Virginia) to construct a British fort at the forks of the Ohio River (present day Pittsburgh). Most of Trent's men are familiar with the area, having been traders chased out by the French, therefore they also know the rules — you do not hunt on Iroquois lands. The Iroquois would hunt and supply meat for trade items. When Trent's party arrived, loaded with supplies, tool, and food, they were met by friendly allied natives who proceeded to eat all of the food. Now Captain Trent has returned to Wills Creek (Maryland) for more food and the Indians have disappeared. These men, still at the forks, are taking a chance that they won't get caught by the Indians or seen by the French as they explore for food.

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