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"Sergeant Beaubien"

Roger's Rangers
This group of Rogers Rangers are located on ground overlooking Lake George, New York which stretches Northward behind them. Captain Robert Rogers' men scout deeply within enemy territory supplying the latest intelligence of French activity and their daring hit-and-run tactics not only delivered great annoyance to the enemy but also boosted English spirits.

Experienced Ranger lieutenants are briefing several new cadets and a volunteer from the 42nd Highlanders, as to the basic rules outlined by Capt. Rogers - rules still employed by Ranger forces today. Among the Ranger "cadets" in the fall of 1756 is William Stark, brother of Ranger Captain John Stark, with his wolf/dog Sergeant Beaubien. At one point throughout their history, Stark entered the wolf/dog into the official Ranger muster roll to draw a Sergeant's rations and pay. It has been said that Sergeant Beaubien dispatched his share of the enemy and was well deserving of his pay.

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